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At Jeisys Medical,
Research and development invest up to 20% of our force.

As the leading firm in IPL, Jeisys has never lost its leading market share and is expanding its investment every year to develop and secure new technologies. Due to these efforts we possess world-class core technologies that no other firms in the aesthetic medical industry can follow.

Core technologies of Jeisys

1. Development of ATC™ (Automatic Temperature Controller)
Patented in 2005. When performing IPL procedures the skin is constantly kept under the temperature that can cause burns through the Automatic Temperature Controller technology, to block the possibility of side effects.

2. First global mass production of insulated Fractional Microneedles

Patented in 2012.
Except for the 0.3mm tip, the needle is coated to prevent the emission of RF energy to protect the epidermis and apply energy only to the target area. This technology is applied to the Jeisys steady seller INTRAcel.

INTRAcel is the leading product in Fractional Microneedle technology and takes up a large market share in the European market. European users are especially charmed by this technology, and an INTRAcel research center has been established in Manchester, England to introduce more various in-depth study results than that of the existing medical society and to share experiences on various procedures, procedural parameters, treatment methods and effects of existing machines.

3. Application of deaerating systems to aesthetic equipment

Jeisys is the first in the world to apply deaerating systems to aesthetic equipment to prevent the declination of irradiated energy, which allows usage of high energy, and the life cycle of the equipment is maintained for long periods.

4. The only aesthetic HIFU equipment in the world, with technology to maintain skin temperature at 5℃

The LIPOcel is the only device in the world that has combined a Contact Cooling System to an aesthetic HIFU machine, and maintains the skin contact surface temperature at 5℃ during the procedure.

Through this technology, use of high energy is possible without anesthetics to increase the effect, and side effects such as burns are prevented and the epidermis is protected.