Fractional RF Microneedle™ provides excellent efficacies for skin rejuvenation, large pores, acnes and acne scars by selective treatment on various skin depth. Additionally, RF energy from INTRAcel produces enough thermal energy to denaturalize the cell and destroy the causes of acne, acne bacteria, and sebaceous gland. Penetrating medicines such as EGF, Hyaluronic acid, Flacenta, copper-peptides, and fullerene would also be easier through the column made during INTRAcel treatment. INTRAcel’s functional features of Bipolar, Monopolar and SRR(Superficial RF Rejuvenation) is even containing the treatment of lifting, tightening and more variable skin rejuvenation.

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INTRAcel’s insulated microneedle delivers RF energy into sebaceous gland and destroy active follicle without any damage on epidermis. After denaturation of target tissue, connective tissue is replacing damaged target and prevent to reactivate acne.

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